Ribfest 4 Homes

Update: At the April 2016 Vestry meeting, the vote to put Ribfest on hiatus was carried.  Habitat for Humanity Loudon will use funds Resurrection had collected on a house in the future, and will name Church of the Resurrection as the sponsor – making that the fourth house our church has helped build.  We will not solicit a work crew from the church, but anyone wishing to help on that build, late in 2016 or early in 2017, is welcome to contact Habitat.  Our thanks to our previous directors who managed each of the seven Ribfests – Tom Wart, Andrew Wilkinson, Monty Ross, and Cal and Diane Van Koughnett.  And, many thanks to church members and their families who helped during Ribfest week and Ribfest day over the seven year effort.  Habitat is very grateful to our church family.


Ribfest 4 Homes is an annual outreach event held on church grounds to raise money to build a Habitat for Humanity home for a deserving family. Teams specializing in smoked ribs compete for trophies and prize money, but unlike most cook-off contests, the public gets to indulge in the tasty products – savory, finger-licking ribs distributed by the teams themselves.man_with_ribs___smoke_cooker_jpeg_6_12_09_5fu9

Crafts, music, church members and the community at large come together on this very special day in the life of Church of the Resurrection. There are many opportunities for involvement . . . please join us!

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Ribfest website

Habitat for Humanity Loudon

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