The Pond Road Smokers

Growing out of Ribfest 4 Homes, the annual rib cook-off hosted by Resurrection, this ministry provides the men of Resurrection an opportunity to raise money for local non-profits, and have fun doing it!

We now have a wonderful year-round Men’s Ministry and outreach program sponsored by Resurrection.  Old BaileyA few men, who love smoking  and the camaraderie that surrounds it and who wanted to use their passion and talent to help in our community, got together and created a new men’s ministry.  They purchased a large competition-style smoker, formulated a plan, and put together a basic smoker team. Their plan was approved and the team has been commissioned to go out into the community, smoke and sell their wares at events, and to donate the proceeds to Loudon County non-profit organizations.

This smoker and its operations are mobile and self funding.  It may be used at fundraisers many times during the year, and at Ribfest. It requires vision of use and men to staff it, so we are always looking for a few good men to work in teams of four to operate the smoker and events at which represent Resurrection throughout our community.  Skills required are primarily love, compassion, and the willingness to help your fellow man—smoker training to be provided as needed.

If you’re interested in joining our men in this ministry or want to suggest an event, please contact Cal VanKoughnett at