What to expect at Resurrection

We understand that it can be uncomfortable to go somewhere new, to be uncertain of the local traditions, to be unsure what to do and when to do it.  We hope you’ll find the answers below help you enjoy your visit to Resurrection with a calm heart.

Where are you located?

We are located off of Highway 11 between Lenoir City and Loudon, on Pond Road, which is 1/4 mile south of Sugar Limb Road. Click here for a map.

What should I wear?

There’s no dress code, and we have a little of everything almost every Sunday.  Whether you’re a shorts & t-shirt kind of soul or enjoy putting on your “Sunday best,” odds are you’ll spot someone else who shares your style!

Does it matter which service I attend?

Both of our services are Holy Eucharist, and are Rite II.  The biggest difference is that the early service is smaller, quieter, and there’s no music.  The later service, on the other hand, has a larger attendance and has music and hymns.

What happens in the service?

On entering the church many people sit or kneel at their pew in prayerful silence. After the service, some stay for prayer or to listen to the closing organ voluntary. Please respect these times as quiet periods.

You will be given a bulletin that lays out the order of service. We use The Book of Common Prayer (the red book in the pew rack) and at  the late service, The Hymnal (the blue book). We will pray, listen to lessons, hear a sermon, pray some more, and celebrate Holy Eucharist, which is the Lord’s Supper. We worship in a variety of ways–you’ll see some people kneeling, others standing, some making the sign of the cross and some not. Do what seems comfortable for you and try different things from week to week.

Will I have to participate?

We’d love for you to participate as much as you feel comfortable.  If you’re visiting for the first time, feel free to watch and listen.  If you’re an old hand at this, please feel welcome to jump right in!

Will I be asked to stand up and introduce myself?

No!  As our guest, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible while you’re here! Please do introduce yourself to those sitting closest to you (during the sharing of the Peace, you’ll likely be greeted by many new faces). A handshake and the words, “Peace be with you” are all you need to be prepared for this part of the service.  We’d appreciate it if you’d fill out a visitor card and place it in the offering plate or give it to one of our greeters so we’ll know you visited us!

Will I be expected to give any money?

As a newcomer, please let the plate go by and just enjoy the service.  As you join us more and find your home here, you can give as you’re able to support the Church in doing God’s work.

Should I receive Holy Communion?

It is absolutely up to you.  Please know that all are welcome to come to the altar rail and receive communion or a blessing from our priest.  Yes, we use real wine – but if you’d prefer not to have any, simply cross your arms over your chest and we’ll just say the words for you.

Is there a kids’ service or nursery care?

We provide a safe, clean and comforting environment for your child during the second service. Our nursery is located in the downstairs of the church. The nursery is for birth to six years of age. If your child is 3 and up, they can go to our Childrens’ Chapel during the sermon portion of the service. We encourage our parents to allow their children to participate in the Eucharist; therefore, unless instructed otherwise by a parent, your child will be brought to you during the announcement time.